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  • What is ProHeart 6?

    ProHeart 6 is the only product that prevents heartworm disease in dogs for 6 months with just 1 shot given by your veterinarian. At the time of the shot, ProHeart 6 also treats hookworms.* ProHeart 6 is for use in healthy dogs 6 months of age and up.

    *ProHeart 6 is indicated for the treatment of existing larval and adult hookworm (Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala) infections.1

  • Where can I get ProHeart 6?

    Use our locator to find a veterinarian near you who can give your dog ProHeart 6.

  • How much does ProHeart 6 typically cost?

    On average, the price of a ProHeart 6 shot is about the same as 6 months’ worth of a monthly heartworm disease preventative—with the added bonus of your dog needing it just twice a year instead of every month.3 Cost may vary depending on how much your dog weighs. Ask your veterinarian for details.

  • Is ProHeart 6 right for my dog?

    ProHeart 6 can be used in healthy dogs 6 months of age and older. Talk with your veterinarian about ProHeart 6 for your dog.

  • Is ProHeart 6 safe?

    Yes! ProHeart 6 has a safety profile that’s like other products that prevent heartworm disease. The most common side effects are allergic symptoms, like swelling of the face, itching or hives. Talk with your veterinarian for more information.2

  • How does ProHeart 6 work?

    ProHeart 6 provides 6 months of heartworm disease prevention in just 1 shot. The active ingredient, moxidectin, is contained in slow-dissolving microspheres that are stored in your dog’s fat-storing connective tissue (a.k.a. adipose tissue). The medicine is then released evenly over 6 months’ time, keeping your buddy consistently protected from heartworms. Cool, right?

  • What is heartworm disease?

    Heartworm disease is serious and potentially fatal — and a single bite from an infected mosquito can cause it in your dog. See the basics about heartworm disease, including your dog’s risk and some of the signs and symptoms.

  • Does my dog need a heartworm test before starting ProHeart 6?

    It’s important to know if your dog has heartworms before starting a new heartworm product or switching to a different one. Not sure when your dog last had a heartworm test? Check with your veterinarian.

  • What if my dog tests positive for heartworms before starting ProHeart 6?

    Of course we all hope that won’t happen! But if it does, your veterinarian will want to start by running a different test to confirm the diagnosis. If that test also shows a positive result, your veterinarian will talk with you about a treatment planExternal Icon Small.

  • How do I switch from another heartworm disease preventative to ProHeart 6?

    Talk with your veterinarian about switching to ProHeart 6 from another heartworm disease preventative.

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